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"Talks & Thoughts was born out of the desire to help people like you have a positive learning experience so that English becomes a boosting factor in your professional career."


Right from the beginning we wanted to create a space that would allow people to live a holistic English learning and improvement process. A space where in addition to tending to the person´s specific needs they would receive quality attention impacting their overall personal development.

Learning a language is a life changing experience that transforms the individual, not only do you learn to communicate in another language, but you also learn about yourself, your abilities, your skills and the way you see the world.

Our philosophy is based on three pillars. The first is to encourage critical thinking regarding the language so that individuals may analyze, connect and interpret information being able to reach their own conclusions, increasingly having those famous “aha” moments. The second is to focus on encouraging a mindful approach to the learning process itself. That is, in addition to curiously paying attention to English: how it sounds, how it feels to pronounce its sounds, what are its patterns, its logic, and so on. It also means becoming aware of how I learn and what emotions arise in me when dealing with the language. The third pillar rests on the premise that each person learns differently, so the knowledge and experience of each individual is the point of leverage that enhances their learning process.

We believe that through powerful conversations we can create powerful thoughts that translate into a more meaningful, enjoyable and efficient language learning experience.

Alejandra N., Neurolanguage Coach® &
Co-founder of T&T.
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